Monday, May 4, 2009

Life-size zoo by Teruyuki Komiya - review

Life-size zoo by Teruyuki Komiya
Quivering, wet noses. Fluffy red panda fur and coarse capybara hair. Soft brown anteater eyes. Sharp tiger teeth. These oversized, luscious photographs of many of our favorite zoo friends show ever aardvark whisker and elephant eyelash in bright, sharp detail. Yum!

As advertised, each animal is shown life-sized. Majiron the armadillo takes up about half a page, while Lulu the giraffe gets a double fold-out. The right-hand border of each page gives information about the animal: name, age, interesting facts (tapirs can open and close their nostrils!), and details to look for in the photo.

Gonna be a storytime favorite and a very popular item in the school library. It might even end up my default birthday present for the summer.


Mary Ann Scheuer said...

I'm looking for a birthday present for 3-year old twin boys. Is this simple enough to draw them in? It sounds fantastic!

YNL said...

YES! Perfect for 3 year olds!