Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl - review

Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl
I'm calling in reinforcements on this one. I found myself sort of over-charmed by the retro illustrations, like a French version of Nancy and Sluggo. Also, the production values on these TOON books are so seductive! So, not trusting my own reactions, I handed it to my avid assistants, Nature Girl and Mao, both seven, and Zhou, who is five.

Your Neighborhood Librarian: How was this one?
Nature Girl: It wasn't the right age for me.
YNL: Teenage book?
NG: Oh, sarcasm! No, it's like [Zhou]'s age.
YNL: Ok then read it to [Zhou].

So she did, and then, unprompted, started interviewing him about the book.

NG: [Zhou], how did you like it?
Zhou: Fine.
NG: Did you think it was silly?
Z: No, I think there was just a lot of talking.
NG: Do you know what the book's about?
Z: Um, no.
Mao intercedes: You know, it says right here, the FOUR SEASONS.
YNL: Did you realize it was about the four seasons?
Zhou: You mean the five seasons?
NG: Four. You mean because they did spring twice
Mao: Is there a certain part you liked? Like this, or the winter, or the summer?
Z: Summer.
NG: What was it about the summer that you liked?
Z: Well that's my favorite season.
YNL: Do you think that's Lilly's favorite season?
Z: Maybe.
YNL: What about the pictures?
Z: I think the pictures are great except for the red spot in her cheek. Because people don't have red spots here and here. And she has a boy head, girl hair
Mao: ... and everybody body.
YNL: Ok last question: Would you like to read that book again?
Z: No thank you.

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