Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fanny by Holly Hobbie - review

Fanny by Holly Hobbie
Rare is the book that manages to be both girly and empowering. Many are the books that try. Fanny is the real deal.

Fanny's mom won't buy her a glamorous Connie doll ("I don't like the way Connie dolls look," says Mom. "They're just too... much," and don't you know that feeling!). So, resourceful Fanny cuts up a pair of pink pajamas and makes her own doll - a doll that, despite her blonde hair and big blue eyes, is not... quite... like the Connie dolls her friends are so obsessed with.

There's a lot of pink, and there are dolls, and Fanny feels the pressure of wanting what the other girls have, but she is sweet and creative and loyal, and comes up with her own solutions.

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