Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babymouse #9: Monster Mash by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm - review

Babymouse #9: Monster Mash by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm
Your neighborhood librarian: So, Nature Girl, you snatched up this book before I had a chance to read it. What is it that you like about Babymouse?
Nature Girl: She's funny! and she has wild imagination.
YNL: Does she remind you of anyone you know?
NG: No.
NG: Except Lucy. Lucy can be crazy.
YNL: What was your favorite page?
NG: The one where her eyeball falls out!
YNL: What's different about this Babymouse book?
NG: This one's about Halloween.
YNL: Anything else?
NG: They wrap a guy's house in toilet paper?
YNL: And... it's orange?
NG: Oh yeah, orange.
YNL: You say that Babymouse has a really good imagination. How can you tell when she's imagining things?
NG: Cause it's pink. But in this case, it's orange.
YNL: Who's your favorite character besides Babymouse?
NG: Probably the big cat.
YNL: Felicia?
NG: Yeah Felicia.
YNL: What do you like about Felicia? Isn't Felicia kind of mean to Babymouse?
NG: Wulll... in Babymouse's dreams, Felicia is always the villain, but in Babymouse camp, when she's imagining, a badger and Felicia were camping and they were like scratched up and stuff, and there starts to be a big thing of pink, and Babymouse comes out, and they're like, attaching to her legs, because in her imagination, Babymouse is the hero, so Felicia really likes her instead of bossing her around.
YNL: Would you like to see that?
NG: I would like to see that more often.
YNL: Would it be just as great if it didn't have pictures?
NG: No.
YNL: What's good about it having pictures?
NG: So you don't have to just read, so like little kids can just look at it.
YNL: Well how about you? You can read.
NG: I just like the pictures, because sometimes they're funny. You get to see her face, like here she's going AAAAAGHH!
YNL: Is this one better than the other Babymouses?
NG: Nnnn... I reallly like the puppy one the best.

Well Nature Girl, that's all I have to ask. I would like to thank you for taking part in this year's Cybils awards process.
Well, you're welcome. Are you going to give us Sharpie tattoos again today?
Why not!

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