Friday, August 29, 2008

Frankenstein Takes the Cake by Adam Rex - review

If I weren't already promised to Brendan Fraser after my current husband, er, meets with an unfortunate fate, I mean, in case he does, well anyway, next on the list would be Adam Rex.

Ladies and gentlemen, Frankenstein Takes the Cake.

Frankenstein's first book, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, I foist upon anyone I find wandering in the 811s. I met a 8th grader the other night whose assignment was to find a poem that expressed something about himself. I shoved Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich into his mitts and said, "Seriously. You're a monster. A hungry, hungry monster." His ma looked at me in respect as he opened randomly, read a poem, and giggled. 8th grade lacrosse-playing BOY. Reading and enjoying poetry.

I'm good, sure, but I'm only as good as the material - and Adam Rex gives us the best. I had the good fortune to get my hands on an advance copy of Frankenstein Takes the Cake, but I have to give it back. Yeah, come and get it - if you think you're hard enough.

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