Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Boy by alison mcghee and peter h. reynolds - review

Little Boy by alison mcghee and peter h. reynolds

Oh. I had to read the CIP summary for this book to find out that it's about... the future. I kind of wondered what it was about. It's a really cute list of some of the things in a little boy's world: ("a blue mixing bowl, a ball in the goal") but the lists begin "So much depends on..." and I -- ok, fine, I'm not so bright sometimes -- I never saw what depended on all that fun kid stuff.

I would skip reviewing the book altogether, but my gosh are the illustrations terrific. The winsome boy, with his shock of brown hair, is cute and cartoony and believable, whether he's playing with his friends, hanging upside down from a tree, or quietly acting out stories with his animal crackers.

McGhee and Reynolds also did Someday together, one of those books that makes you get a little misty if you're a mom.

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