Monday, June 16, 2008

Gon by Masashi Tanaka - review

Gon by Masashi Tanaka

I recommend this wordless manga title, about the life and times of a tiny T-Rex, quite a lot. It's pretty old, but we have a few bent copies still around. We discussed it in my Graphic Novel Appreciation Club at the elementary school, and it was universally liked. Some kids liked the action, some kids liked the cute little dino.

I like wordless titles because I think they stretch a kid's deduction and comprehension skills. Also, they are a welcome break for a kid who struggles with reading. You want that kid to keep holding books and turning pages until the reading skills firm up.

And now this title is due to become even more appealing to kids:

from Cynopsis Kids:
Japanese publisher Kodansha enters into a deal with Korean production house Daewon Media to produce a animated new TV series based on Gon, a non-verbal early 1990s manga series by Masashi Tanaka for air in 2010, per Anime News Network. Gon revolves around a small and cute orange dinosaur. Several years back Sprite Animation Studios, which announced it was at work on a movie version of Gon, but not word on what happened to that endeavor.

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