Monday, May 12, 2008

Bugs in my hair?! by Catherine Stier, illustrated by Tammie Lyon - review

Bugs in my hair?! by Catherine Stier, illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Well, if you need a head lice book - and what school doesn't? - this is definitely the one to buy.

Ellie LaFleur is one of those perfect little girls, with cute outfits and shiny hair and a beautiful mom... and if it can happen to Ellie, it can happen to anyone.

Jaunty watercolor illustrations and straightforward, realistic text make this book relatable, informative, and actually kind of interesting. At the end, Ellie makes her own information sheet about lice just for kids, with lots of color and good advice.

The Summer Reading Club theme for this summer is Buggy About Reading, so when we first spotted this book, we were happy to have another bug book to recommend. Then we realized it was a "difficult themes" book about head lice. Oh well. But now that I've read it, I don't know - I might recommend it as a fun Summer Reading book anyway!

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