Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amelia makes a movie by David Milgrim - review

Amelia makes a movie by David Milgrim
As cute, cheap little digital video cameras become more popular, and video editing software comes standard on some home computers, movie-making is becoming more and more accessible to kids. I know my kids do it, with some help from Dad. "The Bear Show" is a family legend.

Home movie-making captures the sounds and mannerisms of the family that you love far better than still photography. And if the kids really get into it, their movie will turn into an exercise in planning and narrative. Before he could write, my six-year-old created storyboards to show what they were going to film. (The film of him explaining the storyboard is at least as fun as the film of the actual story)

Amelia makes a movie maps out the process of video storytelling step by step. Script, cast, scenery, rehearsal, shooting, and - at the end - sharing with friends and neighbors.

It's the only book I've seen about this process - I almost want it shelved in non-fiction!

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