Thursday, March 13, 2008

When dinosaurs came with everything, written by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small - review

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, written by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small.
Now, why aren't all picture books written like this? The mom is very mom-like, and the kid sounds just like my 6-year-old, who, when asked the other day if he bugs the kid who sits next to him with too much talking, said, "No. Sometimes I ask him, 'Dude, how's it going?' but that's all."

The kid in this book, upon learning that he gets a dinosaur instead of a sticker after his checkup, crumples slightly, knees together, throws back his head with his arms up, and cries, "YESSS!" And I LOVE the scratchy pen and ink and watercolor illustrations - David Small also illustrated The Gardener, one of my all-time favorite happy weepie picture books. I even love the typeface, the same one used in 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore.

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