Thursday, March 6, 2008

Smash! Crash! by Jon Scieszka - review

Smash! Crash! written by Jon Scieszka, characters and environments developed by David Shannon, Loren Long, David Gordon
Not sure what all that "characters and environments" stuff is all about, but Jon Scieszka is the new Library of Congress Ambassador for Children's Literature or something, and he can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. Having David (No, David!) Shannon along for the ride is also a plus.

What strikes me about this truck book is that it's totally a Beginning Reader. Word count, number of words per line, etc... if it can hold a first grader's attention, that first grader can read this book. Hmm. Large-format Beginning Readers - why don't we see more of those?

One quibble, though... Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash! is only a couple of years old, and still fairly popular. You'd think these guys would notice that when they were titling this book.

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