Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Police Cloud by Christoph Niemann - review

The Police Cloud by Christoph Niemann
Christoph Niemann does a lot of work for The New Yorker. Maybe that's why my sons and I just kind of didn't get this book. The four year old didn't understand that the cloud by his very nature cannot be an effective police officer. Because he's a puff of vapor, right? And I didn't understand why you would write a book in which the premise and the plot are so completely at odds.

Plus I'm getting kind of tired of illustration that looks like Colorforms (except for Bob Staake - I'll buy that guy a new box if he's run out). I don't care if it's trendy or retro - it looks lazy to me.

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Laura (Pinot and Prose) said...

I agree with you on the Colorforms thing. My guess is that a lot of illustrators try it because they think it's easier. But like anything else, it's harder than it seems and difficult to do it well. So most artist should just give up trying. And publishers seem to think that just because it's flat, bright, and simple, it must be kid-friendly. And those of us who work with kids know that's not true at all.