Thursday, February 28, 2008

There's nothing to do on Mars by Chris Gall - review

Trust Mother Reader to beat me to reviewing There's Nothing to Do on Mars, a wacky gem of a book if ever there was one. I had just picked it up, marveling at Chris Gall's lino-like illustrations ("The illustrations for this book were done by hand engraving clay-coated board and processing the result with the same space-age device used by NASA to send men to the moon." Oh? Which space-age device, I wonder: some fancy Raster-izer? a slide rule? That tempting little sentence is an Easter Egg for grownups to be sure!), and in the process of assembling the Blog Roll O Fame for this site, I saw that Mother Reader had gotten all up in the Chris Gall love just today.

Oh well. What she said. Just goes to show how illustrious, industrious, discerning, incisive and on the ball all the reviewers on the Roll O Fame are.

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