Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank You Bear, by Greg Foley - review

Thank You Bear is a sweet but not sugary little story with deceptively simple illustrations by Greg Foley, a guy with a lot of design cred. (Like: on the book's web site, he has advance praise from David Bowie and Iman, Chip Kidd, David Byrne, and Karl Lagerfeld. Whew, the air's gettin a little thin in here, I should probably sit down.)

The book goes like this: Bear has found something that he thinks is just wonderful, and he goes off to show his friend Mouse. On the way, all the rest of the animals tell him that what he has found is not so special. He begins to feel pretty low, until he at last finds Mouse, who agrees with him that he has found the "greatest thing ever". Simple, right? But trust me: just the thing for your friends who somehow fit a baby into their sparsely-decorated high-modern loft.

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ana said...

I'm a portuguese women who likes ery much children books (I collect them) thanks for your blog.