Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cybils nominees: Kids' graphic novels

Babymouse #9: Monster Mash

written by Jennifer Holm, written and illustrated by Matthew Holm. Random House Children's Books

Reviewed by: me Sam

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend

written and illustrated by Geoffrey Hayes. Toon Books

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: Meh.


written and illustrated by Hope Larson. Aladdin

Reviewed by: Fuse #8 me

Coraline graphic novel

written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by P. Craig Russell. HarperCollins

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: The usual flawless adaptation by P. Craig Russell - his mastery of the form is almost invisible, if that makes sense. One of the ten best graphic novels of the year.

In the Small

written and illustrated by Michael Hague. Little, Brown

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: Awful.

Into the Volcano

written and illustrated by Don Wood. Blue Sky Press.

Reviewed by: Fuse #8 me, for School Library Journal

Jellaby, vol. 1

written and illustrated by Kean Soo. Hyperion

Reviewed by: Fuse #8 Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: Grows on you. Terrific colors, cute story. Recommended.

Johnny Boo, vol. 1: the best little ghost in the world

written and illustrated by James Kochalka. TopShelf

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: My kids say, "Oh yeah. That was pretty good."

Knights of the Lunch Table

written and illustrated by Frank Cammuso. GRAPHIX

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: Engaging underdog story, good for second or third graders.

Korgi 2: the cosmic collector

written and illustrated by Christian Slade. TopShelf

Pink Me quick opinion: Beautiful illustration. The juxtaposition of girls with wings with vicious little toy robots is very satisfying. Not exactly Barbarella for nine-year-olds, but maybe you get the idea. EXCELLENT for animal-loving little girls.

Li'l Kids: "road to god knows" adventures!

written and illustrated by Von Allan. Von Allan Studios

Little Vampire

written and illustrated by Joann Sfar. First Second Books

Pink Me quick opinion: A big hit at our house, despite the tininess of the word balloons. Lots of color, lots of silliness, a little violence.

Magic Trixie

written and illustrated by Jill Thompson. Harper Trophy

Reviewed by: me Sam

Mo & Jo: fighting together forever

written by Jay Lynch, illustrated by Dean Haspiel. Toon Books

Pink Me quick opinion: Very popular with small superhero lovers.

No Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure

written by Susan Hughes. illustrated by Willow Dawson. Kids Can Press, Ltd

Pink Me quick opinion: Excellent concept inconsistently rendered. I will probably buy this for the school library.

Otto's Orange Day

written by Jay Lynch, illustrated by Frank Cammuso. Toon Books

Pink Me quick opinion: Good colors, cute story, appealing characters. But kind of a dud.

Salt Water Taffy, book 1: the legend of Old Salty

written and illustrated by Matthew Loux. Oni Press

Pink Me quick opinion: Predictable even in its surrealness. I can't sell it at the library. Mom exists only to hand out food and batteries. Ehh.

Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons

written and illustrated by Agnes Rosenstiehl. Toon Books


written and illustrated by Eleanor Davis. Toon Books

Reviewed by: me

The Amulet: the stonekeeper, book 1

written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi. GRAPHIX

Reviewed by: Fuse #8

Pink Me quick opinion: So full of borrowed elements from other books (Howl's Moving Castle, Spiderwick, Golden Compass), I had trouble keeping the rather bleak story straight. Amazing art though.

The First Escape: the Dopple Ganger Chronicles #1

written by G.P. Taylor. SaltRiver (Tyndale)

Pink Me quick opinion: Hated it. Mean characters, confusing art, sloppily-written story, plus? God.

There's a Wolf at the Door: five classic tales

written by Zoe Alley. illustrated by R.W. Alley. Roaring Brook

Pink Me quick opinion: Nice, especially for R.W. Alley fans.

Twisted Journeys: Nightmare on Zombie Island

written by Paul Storrie, written and illustrated by David Witt. Graphic Universe

Reviewed by: Sam

Pink Me quick opinion: A choose-your-own-adventure in graphic novel form. I think the two were made for each other.

Vidia and the Fairy Crown

written and illustrated by Haruhi Kato. TokyoPop


written and illustrated by Cory Barba. TopShelf

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